International Women’s Day Derby 2014

iwd-poster-online International Women’s Day is a coming together of women from all backgrounds and cultures to celebrate their experiences and achievements through the ages and up to the present day. These diverse events from across the globe celebrate women in roles such as politics, economics, social and family matters, the arts and entertainment. 

In March 2014, Citizens’ Eye Derby met with organisers Vanessa and Sonya along with a variety of contributors to International Women’s Day in Derby and discussed what the day meant to them.

Patricia spoke to us about the importance of Women’s Guilds and Cooperatives which pre-date the Suffragettes. Francis from the Derby Museum spoke of the role played by women in The First World War and the subsequent changing attitudes, while Carla from the RAF discussed women in the RAF today.

Angie from Derby County Football Association spoke about the wide range of sporting activities available to people of all ages, while Bianca from No More Page Three discussed the objectification of women in the media.

If you would like to get involved with future International Women’s Day events get in touch with Women’s Day Derby or check out their Facebook page.


Derbyshire Mind – Enjoying Derby

For people suffering from mental health problems, going outdoors can be a difficult challenge to overcome – facing the wider world often proves to be a daunting prospect which increases feelings of anxiety. Without a support network to provide an opportunity to get out and about and meet new people, those with mental health issues may find themselves lacking in motivation and consequently feel isolated and alone.

Enjoying Derby is an initiative by Derbyshire Mind which offers guided walks to people with mental health problems, giving them the opportunity to enjoy both the physical and mental health benefits of a good walk. A Local Mind Association affiliated with National Mind, Enjoying Derby is one of several independent groups from around the UK. Meeting outside the Assembly Rooms on the Market Place every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm, the group enjoys walks of various lengths ranging from less than a mile to up to 3 miles, both in and around the city centre and with occasional day trips taking them further afield.

The Citizens’ Eye Derby team met with the project co-ordinator Caron Kirkham to discuss the wider benefits of the initiative, as well as joining the group on a short walk through Derby city centre. A beautiful sunny day, we discovered first hand just how enjoyable the walks are to the members of the group, who not only experience all the health benefits of a good walk but also the opportunity to socialise and make new friends. The walk took us inside Pickford’s House Museum to enjoy a slice of Derby’s Georgian heritage, where we interviewed some of the walkers in the peaceful adjacent gardens.

For more information on the scheme, visit the Derbyshire Mind website at to find out where and when the next walk is taking place, or contact Caron directly on 01332 345966 Ext: 4.


“People want a life, not a service”

“People want a life, not a service”  is the tagline given by Neil Woodhead, the Project Manager for Derby’s new concept of Local Area Co-ordination [LAC].

This core idea is fundamental to the work of LAC, as it helps vulnerable people to identify and achieve their vision of a good life, with as little intervention from official services as possible and more reliance on their own skills and contacts, including community resources, such as neighbours, local associations and other support networks.

Does this sound like a hark back to ‘the good old days’ when communities supported each other and worked together to take care of their more vulnerable members? There certainly is a strong element of that old-fashioned ethos in this new-fashioned style of working that Derby City Council is piloting in two areas of the City: Alvaston and Arboretum.

In the following film, we hear from a few of the residents who have received support from project workers, Raj and Simran (based respectively at Arboretum and Alvaston libraries) to move away from being mere service users, into creating a good life for themselves integrated within the community.

To find out more about the project contact Neil Woodhead on 01332 642565 or send an email to